Constant Content review

Constantcontent is a little like a market for articles. You, the writer get to set up a profile and submit articles to be listed on your profile. The submission process involves Constantcontent editors reviewing your article for typos, grammar and overall article cohesiveness. It can take an article or two to get used to the house style. You may have to resubmit your early articles once or twice with the help of feedback from the editors.
Advantages and disadvantages
Constant Content offers a number of advantages over other article writing websites, the main one being you can set your own prices. One disadvantage is closely tied to this advantage, in that if everyone sets their prices for their articles a lot of writers soon try undercutting their competition by lowering their article prices. If a client wants to buy an article they will in all likelihood choose the cheaper content over something that may appear identical in terms of quality. This practice is only useful in the short term, in the long term it leads clients to expect reduced prices for articles, driving prices down to what you might expect to earn on a website like Textbroker. That's not good. Luckily, Constantcontent seem to be aware of this danger. They offer guidelines on how to competitively price your articles while not underselling yourself.
Once your article is given the all clear it is available for clients to see on your profile. Here comes the second disadvantage, you don't write to order, instead you write what you hope will be bought. It can be difficult to judge what will be a popular topic and what will remain gathering cobwebs in your author profile until the internet itself falls apart.
Active community forum
There is a fairly active community forum attached to the website where new members can find a wealth of advice by going back through the threads. It's a good idea to look through these forums before uploading any articles. It helped me a lot because I avoided a lot of the beginner mistakes people often make.
Surprise money in your inbox!
Constant Content is a great way to earn money for your writing, but it is hard to find the best approach to it. A while ago, I hadn't written an article for two months or so but made a sale out of the blue. I got an email announcing I would be receiving 30 Euro into my paypal within the month. That's a nice new message to find in your inbox. It's just a pity you can't guarantee each article will be sold.


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