Work at home with Clickworker: a review

Clickworker is very different to Textbroker. For starters it seems to be run by a German company and when you google the website, the subtitle that comes after the title is human grid. Think about that for a second. A human grid, that's us, the writers. Writers in a great big grid writing tiny articles for corporations.

It's not as bad as it sounds actually. It is, once again, an SEO content provider. Clickworker essentially mediates between the big boys like Groupon and the little guys like us.

Another writer typing away at his old typewriter.

The sign up process

I can't remember. I lie. I slightly remember. Like a lot of these sites, you have to demonstrate a certain proficiency with the language. You do this by completing assessments. I've just found my completed assessments page. There was a "proof reader for English qualification" assessment, a "qualify for address research projects" assessment and most importantly the "qualify for English texts at" assessment. If you don't pass this last one, you probably won't be able to write for Clickworker. Although, I'm pretty sure you can take the test again if you fail it the first time.

This is not an accurate representation of Clickworker assessments.

The jobs

There are often plenty of jobs available, but they tend to get repetitive very fast as they are often from the same batch. The last time I did a good bit of work there, it was on short 250 word Groupon articles. You are provided with keywords that have to be slickly inserted into two paragraphs extolling the virtues of whatever offer Groupon has on its daily deals. Once you've written a couple it can be very difficult not to repeat yourself. And proofreaders tend to notice that type of thing. More on proofreaders later.

At the moment, there are no jobs available. You can make five Euro if you refer a friend and they earn ten Euro, but other than that it shows a blank list for me. Your experience will differ based on the language you speak. Clickworker often has writing jobs in Italian, French and German among other European languages. Every job you complete adds to your overall Clickworker percentage. If your articles are picked up for errors in grammar or spelling too often, then your percentage will decrease. If it goes below a certain point, you won't be eligible for the jobs that pay the most.

If you passed the proofreader assessment, you can also proofread the articles of your fellow clickworkers. As far as I can remember this pays about 50 cent per 250 word article. It's up to you whether you think this is worth your while. One disadvantage of this system is that personal opinions frequently sneak into the proofreader's work. One day, I had a proofreader who frequently marked me down for style issues. I had to email the support team who agreed I shouldn't have been marked down and helped to resolve the matter. But it was pretty frustrating and to be honest, it kind of soured me on this Clickworker.

The money 

As I said, you can earn 50 cent or so for proofreading 250 word articles. When it comes to the actual writing of articles, looking over my work history, each 250 word article I completed earned me a sum of 2.20 Euro. My 300 word articles netted me 3.00 Euro. Sometimes there are longer articles available, like once I found an SEO article on the various problems that can occur on a flight, that one netted me just under 9.00 Euro, and a very complimentary comment from the proofreader about my writing! Which was totally worth at least 2.00 Euro. Compliment a writer on their writing and watch their face light up with joy.

Writer's counting their bounty.

The take home

You're not going to be taking home anything that might approximate a living wage by writing for Clickworker. What it is good for is breaking up the monotony of writing for other sites, you can quickly earn 10 Euro by writing about three or four articles but do anymore in a stretch and it becomes pretty mind numbing.


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  11. the subtitle that comes after the title is human grid. Think about that for a second. A human grid, that's us, the writers. Writers in a great big grid writing tiny articles for corporations.

  12. I took the assessment tests offered and passed. I was offered internet search jobs. I gathered up $.34 in earnings, but the payment was ok because it didnt take long to do the search and gather the info. The problem is being offered only a few of those per day doesnt really cut it. Today an offer came through that paid $.0. Sorry, but that's where I draw the line. I cancelled my account.

    I'm not sure how long I would have to wait to get offered a writing job. This is crowdsourcing at its worst.

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